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At speakeasy, we offer courses for all levels, ranging from beginner level A1 to advanced level C1. All our language courses align with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which outlines the knowledge and skills required at each level. We are dedicated to assisting you in achieving your desired language level within this framework.

If you are uncertain about which level is suitable for you, don't worry! We provide a free placement test. If you remain unsure about your starting level after taking the test, we will gladly arrange a free placement interview with one of our teachers to help you determine the appropriate level.

Level Order

Wondering what the letters A, B, and C mean? It's simple: they indicate your proficiency level in German. Roughly speaking, A denotes beginner level, B denotes intermediate level, and C denotes advanced level - although the transitions between levels can be fluid. In our intensive courses, super-intensive courses, and evening courses, each of these levels is further subdivided into sub-levels, allowing for more targeted and personalized learning experiences.

For a simple overview of the level sequence, please see the chart below. The course progression is determined by the number of classes per course. In the intensive course with four appointments per week, you will progress twice as fast as in the evening course with only two lessons per week.

Intensive courses:

Intensive course Level

Evening courses:

Evening courses Level

The Content of Your speakeasy Courses in Frankfurt

It is not easy to assess your own language level. That's why speakeasy offers you a free online placement test. You can also use the following overview to personally assess your language level:

Find out more about the content of your evening course here.

Our placement test will give you a good idea of which level is right for you. Whether A1.1, A1.1+, or A1.2: Here, you will find all the important information on grammar and vocabulary that you will learn at the respective level. This way, you'll know exactly what to expect and what you will be able to do after completing the level!

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