Free Events and Workshops

If you are registered for one of our courses, you also benefit from our free workshops and exciting events!

1. Grammar Workshops

Every month, we offer four online grammar workshops to deepen your knowledge with the help of interactive exercises. You can practice a specific grammar topic according to your current language level.

The workshops always take place on Friday during the second course week on Zoom, which means you can join from anywhere!

2. Thematic Workshops - Useful Information on Everyday Life in Germany

Moving to another country can be challenging. At speakeasy, our experts support you with tips for living in Frankfurt - from settling down to finding a job. Our thematic workshops are held in English, allowing you to participate regardless of your language level.

Looking for an Apartment
  • Safe search portals
  • Things you must consider
  • Residence registration
Looking for a Job
  • Types of employment
  • Application documents
  • Working in Germany
  • Types of universities
  • Application and admission
  • Study fees
And much more!
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speakeasy - Get to Know Our Community:

speakeasy wohlfühlen

Our online community is a perfect place to meet new people and exchange ideas with other participants. However, we believe that it's important to connect in person too! That's why we also organize regular exciting events, giving you the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and make new friends in real life. Join us in discovering Frankfurt together, discussing life in Germany, and learning German together!

Not only do we meet in a bar or café, but we also like to organize something special: Let us surprise you! Our surprise event always takes place on Wednesdays during the second course week. More information about it will be sent to you by email after your registration.

3. Our Regulars' Table

Join us to discover cosy pubs, bars and interesting corners of Frankfurt to meet new people and practice German together! At our regulars‘ table, we play funny games, tell each other interesting stories and make new friends.

speakeasy Stammtisch

Our event calendar

Here you can find an overview of our events and grammar workshops. More information about them you will receive in our information email for the current course month.

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